ocTOPus Tails & Accessories

ocTOPus® Tails

Mooring tails designed to reduce dynamic loads on primary Mooring lines. 8-strands high tenacity Polypropilene & Polyester composite fibers materials, standard length - 11 mtr. Comply with OCIMF MEG-4.

Dia (mm)
TDBF (t)
60 71.9
62 80.0
64 89.9
72 124.9
80 139.9
88 145.0


Mooring Links

Mooring links available in three sizes 90T, 120T, 180T.



ocTOPus® Chafe Guards

ocTOPus® Chafe Guards made from reinforced 100% high-tenacity polyester. Protection against localized abrasion. Suitable for all fibre ropes. Available in three sizes, accommodating different rope diameters. Easy installation using Velcro lining.



Stopper rope for mooring ropes

Stopper rope for mooring ropes. 12-strands Double Braided 100% Polyester Stopper rope. Made from high melting material. The Stopper should be used «on the double rope».



ocTOPus® Repair kit

The ocTOPus® Repair Kit is developed in order to repair ropes with jacket, like ocTOPus® Ultra Plus mooring rope . Our kit is free from chemicals. Repair Kit delivered with installation guide.


  • Extension of rope service life
  • Easy repair without the use of a coating
  • No dangerous goods for transportation
  • Great appearance
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