LED products

Based on the experience of various shipowners this lighting option is more economical and can significantly save the company's budget, and our company can provide you with high quality and cost effective modernization as experienced specialists in this field


Description G13 T8 Led 9W 4000K 1080lm 240V 600mm G13 T8 Led 18W 4000K 2160lm 240V 1200mm G13 T8 Led 22W 4000K 2640lm 240V 1500mm G13 T8 Led 16W 4000K 2400lm 240V 1200mm G13 T8 Led 24W 4000K 3700lm 240V 1500mm
Wattage 9 W 18 W 22 W 16 W 24 W
Lumens 1080 lm 2160 lm 2640 lm 2400 lm 3700 lm
Length 600 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm
Type AC
Power factor 0,5
Energy label A+
Degrees 180
Color category Cool white
Color temperature 4000 K
Operating hours 15000 h
Diameter 28 mm
IP 20


LED FLOOD LIGHTS is a perfect lighting solution for an industrial outdoor areas.

FLOOD LIGHTS provide good color rendering and instant start up for higher security.
High quality materials combined with a stylish and compact design made LED

FLOOD LIGHTS very popular on the market, due to their high intensity, high IP protection and high energy efficiency up to 80%.

Power Beam angle Lumen output Voltage Lifetime Dimensions CCT
10W 120° 1000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 130x110x50mm 3000K-6000K
20W 120° 2000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 175x156x57 mm 3000K-6000K
30W 120° 3000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 192x171x59 mm 3000K-6000K
50W 120° 6000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 235x200x66 mm 3000K-6000K
80W 120° 8000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 285x250x70 mm 3000K-6000K
100W 120° 10000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 235x200x66 mm 3000K-6000K
150W 120° 15000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 360x300x90 mm 3000K-6000K
200W 120° 20000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 500x380x115 mm 3000K-6000K
300W 120° 30000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 500x380x115 mm 3000K-6000K
400W 120° 40000 Lm AC 100-240V 50000h 500x380x115 mm 3000K-6000K


The scope of application
For the projecting illumination in outdoor place such as
ship, dock port, store place and stadium

Products characteristic

  • The shell is made of good stainless steel with high strength and good corrosion resistance;
  • It adopts good LED illuminant the work life lighting and environment protection,
  • lamp beads luminous flux in the 120 LM/W, long life, low power consumption, color index greater than 80 light angle of 120°
  • LED drive adopt stable performance components to ensure long life of the drive circuit, constant current circuit design and there is a abort circuit and overload circuit protection to ensure LED long term and stable work;

Production authentication

  • Approval by CCS (China Classification Society), Certificate Number ZJ 20 P 4028 7;
  • By the American Bureau of Shipping “ Certification, Certificate Number 18 SQ 1799333 PDA;
  • Conform to international IEC Nord and National standard GB 7000 7 2005;


International code Type Voltage Power Lamp holder Illuminant Luminous flux Protection class Cable class diameter Weight
791835 TG20 90V~270V 30W LED 130x110x50mm 3000 IP67 9-14 7.0kg
791836 50W 5000 10.6kg
791834 100W 10000 16.7kg
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